Pilot Kneeboards – About The Ultimate Kneeboard®

The Ultimate Kneeboard® is the ultimate pilot’s accessory. It comes in two styles to suit your needs: the Fixed Ring and Loose Ring styles both have their own respective advantages.

The Ultimate Kneeboard® has a clipboard that conveniently holds maps or note pads. It has clear sheet protectors, and a binder to hold commonly available IFR approach charts and checklists. The pocket can hold a small E6-B flight computer and elastic loops securely hold pens, pencils, and a standard flight flashlight.

The Ultimate Kneeboard® keeps everything you need at your fingertips. Finally, you can find everything you need without fumbling or searching!

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The Ultimate Kneeboard® helps you stay organized in the cockpit and its small size (8″x12″) does not interfere with flight controls. It’s perfect for all types of flying and all types of pilots: students, private, instrument, commercial and instructor. An added option is the information packed VFR/IFR In Flight Guide supplement.

Each Ultimate Kneeboard® is made of durable black Cordura™ nylon and hand-sewn in Eagle, Idaho. It is the ultimate pilot kneeboard.

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